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John Blaise and Uncle Paulie

We’ve been friends since the 5th grade. So that’s over 30 years. Through that time we’ve done pretty much anything and everything that two friends would do together. Traveled, gone to sporting events, watched sports, gambled in casinos and on sports, went to bachelor parties, seen friends get married and have children, and partied like rock stars together. We’ve had our share of disputes, there were periods of time we didn’t speak to one another but we always wound up finding a way to bury our differences. We’re brothers. 

We decided to do what we do because we’ve been playing, watching, gambling, and discussing sports almost our whole lives. We developed knowledge of the games and more importantly, knowledge of the gambling aspect of sports through our own victories and bad beats. We’ve even kept journals of certain team trends that don’t seem to change no matter who the players and coaches are. So instead of just talking about all of this amongst ourselves, we thought why not share with the world, or anyone who will listen in our own unique way. Thus spawn The Refractory Hour Podcast. And we’re going to see where it takes us. So jump on and enjoy the ride!

Uncle Paulie

John Blaise

John Blaise

I’m just a fun-loving guy who’s enjoying and making the most out of his second chance in life. To me its family first, I love being an Uncle to my nephew and 4 nieces. Try to be the best brother possible. Crazy about my rock, inspiration, and love of my life. Born and bred New Yorker to the core. A sports enthusiast, with passion for baseball and football in particular.


I’m a former athlete who was fortunate enough to be able to compete on Division I collegiate level. Only a NY sports fan with loyalties to Yankees, Giants, Islanders, and Knicks. I consider myself a people person, who is amazed and amused by all walks of life. I’m transparent and upfront with everyone.


I’m not afraid to say what I want and express how I feel, no matter the consequences. I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is good and bad. You know exactly where you stand with me. I’m well educated, with a Master’s in Sports Business from NYU.  A sales and Marketing professional with sports experience in two professional front offices. I’m a successful brand builder and entrepreneur.  

Uncle Paulie

I’m a husband, father, and coach

I am a self-proclaimed Hip-Hop junkie dating back to the ’80s.


I’m a straight shooter; I tell it how it is. No filter.

If I’m your boy then I treat you like family and will give you the shirt off my back. I’m what you call “A Man’s Man”


My passion for sports started at a young age. I’m a die-hard Yankees, 49ers and Lakers fan.

Watching the greats like Mattingly, Montana, and Magic sealed the deal for me with those teams.


I love watching any game and discussing it even more to anyone who will listen.

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