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John Blaise

John Blaise

I’m just a fun-loving guy who’s enjoying and making the most out of his second chance in life. To me its family first, I love being an Uncle to my nephew and 4 nieces. Try to be the best brother possible. Crazy about my rock, inspiration, and love of my life. Born and bred New Yorker to the core. A sports enthusiast, with passion for baseball and football in particular.


I’m a former athlete who was fortunate enough to be able to compete on Division I collegiate level. Only a NY sports fan with loyalties to Yankees, Giants, Islanders, and Knicks. I consider myself a people person, who is amazed and amused by all walks of life. I’m transparent and upfront with everyone.


I’m not afraid to say what I want and express how I feel, no matter the consequences. I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is good and bad. You know exactly where you stand with me. I’m well educated, with a Master’s in Sports Business from NYU.  A sales and Marketing professional with sports experience in two professional front offices. I’m a successful brand builder and entrepreneur.