• Allison Verrino

You Need to Relax

Since their Super Bowl victory on February 7th the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, namely Tom Brady, have stirred up some talking pints for some people in this country. Tom looking like Bernie Lomax, while being carried to his room by Gronk, after an afternoon of Tequilla shots. That’s just what’s going to happen to a guy who doesn’t drink when he tries to keep up with a guy like Gronk. And then there’s the people who say that Tom and the Bucs should not have been clowning around like they were on their boat ride to the parade. Seriously? You people need to take it easy. These guys just spent 7 months, for the most part, away from their family and friends, to achieve the ultimate goal in their chosen profession and you’re going to get on them for letting loose a little bit and having some fun? Shame on you! No one has been allowed to have any fun in this country since March of 2020, don’t you think it's time to change that narrative? And there there’s Karen Silversmith, the daughter of the man who designed the Lombardi Trophy, who claims she hasn’t slept for two days because Tom completed yet another pass, using the Lombardi Trophy in place of a football, proving there’s really nothing he can’t do.

Coley Mick, of Barstool Sports, wrote an article saying that Mrs. Silversmith is one thousand correct on this issue. He goes on to say that no other trophy in sports has ever been so disrespected, and to find him one example of something outlandish happening to Lord Stanley’s Cup. Ok Coley, I guess you weren’t around in 1994 when the New York Rangers won their first Stanely Cup since 1940.

What some of you may not know and clearly Mr. Mick is unaware of the fact is that when a NHL team wins the Stanely Cup, each player on that team gets to spend some time with in the offseason before they pass it along to the next player. After winning the 1994 Stanley Cup, members of the New York Rangers wanted to share the experience with another champion. So, the guys took the Cup to Belmont Park and fed Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin out of the top. Legend has it that the Cup was so mangled after the Rangers were done with it that it had to be rebuilt, and that’s not the only time that happened. In 1999 the Star tried to toss the Cup off a deck house into a pool but it didn’t make it and was severely dented. The same thing happened in 1987 when Messier, then with the Oilers, took the cup out clubbing and it was damaged. Shit, I was partying with the Cup in Las Vegas at Rain in the Palms in 2004. And finally, in 1998 Kris Draper’s daughter used the Stanely Cup as a toilet. There are more events like the ones I just mentioned, but I think you get the point. The moral of the story is that Ms. Silversmith needs to relax and Coley Mick needs to do better research before he publishes his next article.

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