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Yankees Spring Training

So far the New York Yankees Spring Training campaign has been full of ups and downs. More downs than ups in my opinion. Mostly due to the incompetence of the medical staff and decision makers. The organization knew about Paxton’s back and Severino’s elbow as soon as 2019 campaign ended. Yet they put off surgery for both until right before Spring Training when it came to Paxton and now just this week after the start of spring training when the Yankees announced that Severino needs and will have Tommy John surgery, thus ending his 2020 season before it even started. This is will essentially back-to-back seasons that Severino will not be available in the starting rotation. And it’s not only the pitching staff that where the Yankees seem to have injury problems.

Because Aaron Hicks sent a video of himself throwing with his kids to prove he can come back for the playoffs and delay his Tommy John Surgery that should’ve been done in August 2019, he will miss most of the 2020 season, but what else is new with Hicks. That’s another guy that can’t stay healthy and on the field.

Still building strength in his right shoulder, Aaron Judge won’t make his 2020 Grapefruit League debut until about the middle of next week, at the earliest. This brings up the question, “Is Judge an injury prone player?” He seems to be always fighting some sort of ailment and can’t stay on the field with any regularity. After playing in 155 games in his rookie year (2017), that number fell to 112 in 2018 and 102 in 2019. To me that’s trending the wrong way.

Mike Tauchman made his 2020 Grapefruit League debut in center field on Tuesday, in the Yankees' fourth exhibition game of the year.

After suffering a Grade 2 left calf strain that ended his season last September, Tauchman was being brought along somewhat gradually this spring.

And the latest injury has just come down the pipe. Oft-injured slugger Giancarlo Stanton will likely miss Opening Day because of a strained right calf.

Manager Aaron Boone said Stanton was injured near the end of defensive drills on Tuesday. An MRI found a Grade 1 strain. Really? During defensive drills? He can’t play defense so why the hell is he doing drills? They need to cut ties with this disaster. No more favors for Jeter!

So what’s the rotation going to look like now? Severino done for the year, Paxton and German due back around the All Star break. Obviously it’s Cole and Tanaka are your 1-2. After that it seems like Happ, then your guess is as good as mine. Will it be Chad Greene, Jordan Montgomery, Luis Cessa, Jonathan Loaisiga, and Devi Garcia? At this point no one really knows.

The upside is that Severino missed all but 3 starts last season and the Yanks made it 103 wins in the regular season. Key words “Regular Season”. The Yankees aren’t about regular season win totals, they’re about World Series Championships, and it’s been an over a decade since they’ve won one.

In other Spring Training news 6 Houston Astros (*’s) batters have hit by pitches in just 3 spring training games. To that I say get used to it boys, this is just to beginning. I hope this goes on all season long. The Houston *’s are just so smug and arrogant that you wanted throw at them even before you knew they were cheaters. Now you have a bona fide excuse! Can’t wait until the come to the Bronx, too bad it’s not until Sept 21st. I know I’ll be there!

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