• Allison Verrino

What Week 3 Showed Me

A glorious beard trumps a porn-star mustache any day of the week, including Thursday.

If someone has not already, start this office pool today:

$20 per entry

Pick the coach that gets fired first, Dan Quinn or Adam Gase

And the in what week

Put me down for $20 on Quinn and Week 6.

Barring injury Mitch Trubisky has thrown his last pass in Chi-Town. I believe that Josh Allen can take the Bills to the Promised Land if they’re defense would stop letting opponents back into games late. The Rams are the most complete team in the NFC West. Can someone please give a real name to the team in Washington already, this way too much to type each week? The Browns finally realized they have the best 1-2 rushing attack in the NFL. I’m sorry please tell me again how the NFC North is the Vikings to lose, hahaha. No seriously one more time. I don’t know who’s got the better agent Kirk Cousins or Sam Bradford? Bill Belichick is always ahead of the curve, he was passing before everyone else, now he’s gone back to the ground game before the rest of the league. The 49ers 2nd string are 27 points better than the Giants starter. A tie tells me that the Bengals are trending upward and the Eagles are on the downside. You need to possess the ball to score in this league. The Steel Curtain held the Texans to 3:10 TOP in the 4th quarter. And with the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the NY Jets select Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson. I’d love to know what Adam Gase whispers to his QBs, because Tannehill has become a star since he left Gase and Miami and Darnold has become a bust since Gase arrived in NY. How can you not route for Teddy Bridgewater to be successful in Carolina? Justin Herbert can definitely play at this level. Tyrod Taylor just Googled “Malpractice Attorneys in the San Diego, CA Area”, knowing he may never see the field again thanks to the team doctor.


Trevor Lawrence has opted to stay at Clemson for his 4th year of eligibility than to be drafted by the JETS.

Russell Wilson, by far, is the best QB in the NFL. Shame on me for just realizing this. I don’t even think there’s an argument to be had. It’s a new year, there’s a new coach, but still, an old story being told in Big D, the Cowboys can’t beat a team with a winning record.

UPDATE: The Falcons have just blown another 4th quarter lead. Oh, wait, sorry it’s not Week 4 yet.

Sean Payton needs to rip the page out of his playbook that has the Wildcat plays on it. They’re not fooling anyone. All they’re doing is costing the Saints wins. Taysom Hill is not and probably will never be a Hall of Famer, Drew Brees is going in on the 1st ballot he’s on. Leave the ball in his hands. The Ravens are like the schoolyard bully. They can push around the inferior teams, but when a team hits them in the mouth and takes a lead on them they fold like laundry. There is no comparison to be made between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. It’s laughable for people to try and an insult to Mahomes. Eric Bieniemy should be a head coach for a team in the NFL. Spags’ KC defense is underrated.

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