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Week 8: The Halfway Point

We’ve made it through nearly half of the NFL season, and we’ve learned different lessons along the way. Week 8 taught us that ball security is paramount when it comes to winning football games. I’ll show you what I mean as we go around the league.

There was a Thursday night game in which 2 hapless teams, that aren’t going anywhere this year, played. The Falcons sealed the deal when Teddy Bridgewater threw a late interception on the game tying drive. If there’s one thing that Bill Belichick can’t stand is beating yourself by turning the ball over. Cam has been a turnover machine lately. He fumbled inside the Bills red zone on what would have been a game tying or winning drive. I still don’t get why the mainstream media keeps making excuses for Cam and his horrific play. They’ve been doing it since he lost the Super Bowl in 2015, a year when in which he also won the MVP. The latest is the Covid fog, and the fact that the Patriots couldn’t practice. The Patriots have lost 4 straight games for the first time since 2002. There’s plenty of blame to go around for that, but I can show you how Cam is the main reason for all 4 losses. Next up The Bengals convincingly beat the Titans, which was the most shocking result of week 8 to me. The sun will shine bright for years in Cincinnati as long as Joe Burrow is behind center. He is light years ahead of where he should be as a rookie. Just when you want to believe in the Browns they go out and shit the bed at home. It was the Josh Jacobs road show for the Raiders as they improved to 3-1 on the road this year. Philip Rivers must have found the fountain of youth on the bye week. It was Throwback Sunday as he reverted back to his San Diego days in Motown. Speaking of Motown, the Lions have lost 8 straight home games. I feel your pain Lion’s fans. Who knew the Vikings were playing coy with the entire league? Obviously trading away their best defensive player and waving the white flag was all a façade as they took it to the Pack in Wisconsin on Sunday. Dalvin Cook was a beast scoring on the Vikes first four possessions. That’s one way to expose a defenses weakness. Let’s not even talk about what happened in arrowhead on Sunday afternoon. Moving on, to Miami and Tua’s debut. Tua got his first NFL victory as a starter on Sunday, even though he didn’t do much. He didn’t have to. The Rams did it for him. Two fumbles by Goff, one of which was on a drive in which the Rams were going in that was a scoop and score the other way. The other set the Dolphins up deep inside the offensive zone. And I’ve never seen so many bad angles taken on one play than on that punt return. The Rams defense held the Dolphins to 145 yards of total offense, and they lost. Turnovers are a killer. In the premier game of the weekend, the Steelers officially announced to the rest of the league that they are for real. They came back from 14 down in the 2nd half to beat the highly overrated Ravens. If the ravens defense is so good, then how come most teams are out scoring the Ravens in the 2nd halves of games? Why can’t they hold a lead? Oh, that’s right it’s because their offense, and mainly their QB, turns the ball over at an alarming rate. Four turnovers for the reigning MVP yesterday, and the Steelers made the most of them. Now it’s too early to say that Lamar Jackson was just a flash in the pan, but right now that’s what it looks like.

The late afternoon games showed me that the Chargers are the AFC’s version of the Falcons. They lost their 3rd game of the year in which they had over a 95%-win probability in the 4th quarter. How did it happen this time, interceptions thrown by Herbet, of which Locke was able to capitalize on. Locke threw three 4th quarter touchdowns and to complete the comeback. A tough DPI call really was the difference maker though. The Saints were the ones who helped prove Coach Denny Green’s war cry this week. The Bears are just a debacle on offense, which is sad because their defense is so stout. And you really don’t want to go to overtime against Brees. He has a record high 14 wins in OT, including the playoffs. The duo of Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf is a problem for the rest of the league. Metcalf in my mind is no question the best wide receiver in the game today, and Wilson looked like he’s the best QB in the game again this week. He’s got 26 TDs in 7 games, that’s ridiculous! We’re talking video game numbers. The NFC West is theirs to lose. And they only way I see that happening is if Wilson gets hurt.

That Sunday night we saw a pathetic excuse of a football game. That game should be used in a “This is what not to do when on a football field.” The sad thing is the Cowboys being so bad that the Eagles turned the ball over 4 times, all by Wentz might I add, and still won the game. Ben DiNucci is clearly not the answer, no offense Ben, and I don’t think Wentz is either. Maybe it’s time Doug Pederson give Jalen Hurts a look? He can’t be worse than what we’ve seen from Wentz this year, can it?

On Monday night Daniel Jones missed more open receivers than Lindsay Lohan missed NA meetings in the 2010s. He was just awful until the last drive of the game. A game in which Brady and the Bucs slept walked thru. The giants have every opportunity to not only win, but to blow the Bucs out. Two interceptions by Jones led to 10 Buccaneer points and thus the difference in a 2-point game. The Giants need a QB not a turnover machine. I’m too frustrated to continue, see you next week.

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