• Allison Verrino

Week 6 Decisions, Decisions

You know football coaches are supposed to be geniuses. They’re scheme and mask defenses and come up with creative plays, but when it comes to common sense they're dumb as shit.

Exhibit 1, Riverboat Ron Rivera.

Sunday the Washington Football Team went down the field with ease against the putrid Giants defense in to score a touchdown with :36 left. Instead of kicking the extra point and playing for OT, Riverboat decided to go for 2 and he crapped out.

Exhibit 2 Romeo Crennel, the Texans interim Head Coach.

In just a wild 2nd half the Texans scored with a touchdown 1:50 left in the fourth quarter to put them up by 7 points. Instead of kicking the extra point and going up 7 points, thus forcing the Titans to have to score a touchdown and convert a two-point conversion, Crennel opts to go for 2. WTF!? The result you guessed, the conversion was no good and the Titans went down scored a touchdown, tied the game, and then scored another touchdown in OT to seal the victory, oh and by the way cover the spread. That’s the way to get yourself fired from an interim position. One other thing I was reminded of by that game, Derrick Henry is still the best running back in the NFL.

Now for the rest of the Week 6 Roundup:

The Bengals are still too young to know how to hold a lead against the wilily old veteran Phillip Rivers. Speaking of Rivers, he looked like he found the fountain of youth on Sunday. Stop the presses, the Falcons won a game. I wonder if they would’ve won 2 more if they fired Quinn two weeks sooner? As for the Vikings, two words, Kirk Cousins. Holy AFC West, Superman. Cam was definitely not Super this Sunday. Where are all the prognosticators that were shouting “Cam is back” from the rooftops after week 1? Nowhere to be found this week as Cam is exactly who I’ve been telling you he is since I started this podcast. He’s erratic, inaccurate, mess of a pocket passing QB. Check his completion percentage, go ahead, this blog will still be here when you get back. He’s awful. The guy had one good year. I bet you Bill wishes he still had Tom the way his defense is playing.

Oh and speaking of defenses, I saw a championship-caliber one at 4:25pm on Sunday. The Bucs defense must really despise Aaron Rodgers, they abused him like all their names were Ike Turner. Tommy and Gronk are learning the offense. If they keep this up, the Bucs will be the first team to host a Super Bowl.

Does anyone want to win the NFC East? The Eagles could’ve taken a stranglehold if they won on Sunday vs. The Ravens, but somehow the Ravens magic mirror tricks keep working and they escaped with another win. If their defense keeps playing like they did on Sunday, the Steelers will abuse the much like they abused their little brother, Baker Mayfield and the Browns this week. My god the Steele Curtain took the Browns and Baker behind the woodshed and opened a whole bottle of whoop-ass. And shame on me for drinking the blue Kool-Aid that the Panthers were serving the last 3 weeks. Any respect you gained is now gone due to the fact you let Nick Foles beat you. Matt Patricia won a game after a bye week; I can hear him comparing himself to Bill Belichick at the press conference. Fitzmagic didn’t have to perform this week, the Dolphins played the Jets. It was good to see Tua get in a game, and even better to see him sitting on the field after the game in just appreciating the opportunity God has given him. That’s a good kid. I guess the Rams are not as good as we all thought. They got blitz by the 49ers in the first half and couldn’t recover. Mahomes vs. Allen was a total mismatch. Can the Bills stop the run? I probably could’ve rushed for 100 and a touch in that Monday matinee.

The D in Big D last night stood for the Desert. The Cardinals laid the smackdown on the Boys. The Red Rifle was shooting blanks and according to Zeke, the ball was covered in KY. In this one I know I could've ran for 100 yards against that Cowboys defense. The once-powerful NFC East is now the laughing stock of the NFL. If you asked me today who was going to the Super Bowl, my answer would be the Steelers are going to Tampa to play the Bucs. See you next week.

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