• Allison Verrino

Week 15 Christmas Style

Twas the week before Christmas, things tightening up throughout the league

Hopes of making the playoffs for over 18 teams

On the field the Packers and Chiefs held on to their number one seeds

The Bucs stormed back as the Falcons blew another lead

The Bills are AFC East champs, for the first time in 25 years

The Titans run into the playoffs, that’s back-to-back years

The Colts defense was stout, causing fumbles galore,

The Jets got their first win, the first pick is theirs no more

The Boys and Bears are still alive, with 12 wins combined

Meanwhile, the Ravens are on the outside looking in with a record of 9-5?

The Browns win total reaches double digits

The Giants are still giving their fans fits

Russell’s going back to the playoffs, it looks like Kyler will be there too

Even though they lost the Saints look better with Drew

Tua’s bringing the Fins to the playoff mix

Who’s missing this year, No Belichick.

The grinch was eliminated from the playoffs, first time in 12 years,

The fans in Beantown must be in tears, while the rest of the league cheers and cheers

There you have it, NFL Christmas cheer,

Giot to got Rudolph, my uber reindeer is here

Merry Christmas from the Refractory Hour

Don’t forget to listen to out Christmas Show this week!

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