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Week 14 Wrap Up

Despite the spike in Covid across the nation, The Godell Express keeps rolling along. The NFL has made it through 14 weeks of its regular season nearly unscathed. Yes, some games had to be moved and rescheduled but all have been played, including all 15 scheduled for Week 14. Here we go:

We start on the West Coast where the Rams ended any hopes pf the Patriots and Bill Belichick making the playoffs this year. That’s major news considering this is the first time the Patriots will not be in the playoffs since Christ was in Chicago. That’s 2020 for you. The Rams remain atop of the NFC West and need just one more win to clinch a playoff berth. I think Cam just turned it over again!

Speaking of Chicago, da Bears won a game! They found some offense against the Texans. Did his 3 TD passes give Trubisky a second lease as the QB in Chi-town. I doubt that very much. The Bears need be torn down and rebuilt from the GM, to the coach to the QB.

The Red Rifle went home to his old stomping and looked like Billy the Kid firing 2 TD passes. The Cowboys defensive lent a hand by forcing 2 Bengals turnovers, as the Lone Star posse got a win on the road.

Mahomes, Tua, a matchup we hope to see for years to come in the AFC. Even though the Dolphins defense made Patrick look somewhat human, in the end it was the speed of the Chiefs that won out.

The Giants were coming home riding high after pulling he improbable upset of the Seahawks. The Cardinals were desperate and trying to right the ship. The Giants, who are just awful at home, went back to Daniels Jones as their starter, even though he wasn’t 100 percent. Sunday afternoon the Giants fans watched their so-called franchise QB fumble away any hopes of an NFC East crown and a spot in the playoffs. And for all you out that praising Gettleman last week, I hope you got a good glimpse at his 1st round draft choice Anthony Thomas on Sunday. One word, Turnstile.

Fresh off their bye week the Brady and the Bucs, held serve at home against the Vikings. For all the doubters out there, that said Brady can’t throw the long ball, hope you saw this game. He didn’t start out very sharp, but when all was said and done, it was precision Brady. The Vikings should be in the market for a new kicker after Dan Bailey missed 3 FGs and an XPT. Special teams are so vital this time of year.

Give Nick Fangio credit, he still has his Broncos playing tough. Their defense keeps them in every game and Drew Locke is coming into his own. A career high 4 TDs on the road this week in Carolina catapulted his Horses past the Panthers.

All hail the King! I know it’s the Jaguars and they’ve lost 12 straight games, but Derrick Henry is hands down the best RB in the league. He’s just a monster. He ran for 215 yards and 2 TDs for his hometown fans. The Jaguars can’t wait to move to London.

New hoe, new name, new stadium, same old Raiders. They ae blowing their chance of the playoffs in eerie similar fashion as they did last year. The Colts went to Vegas and blew the doors off Chucky’s Raiders last Sunday. The win helped the Colts keep pace with the division leading Titans. This is the second time the Raiders have been blown out in 3 weeks, and their only win was against the Jets on a last second prayer.

You know what they say, the best way to bounce back from n ugly loss is to have the Jets as the next game on your schedule. Russell and the Seahawks took out the frustrations of their loss to the Giants on the Jets last week. A 40-3 behind the woodshed beating in which Wilson reached a new career high in TD passes with 36 and counting. This update just in, Trevor Lawrence is leaning more towards staying at Clemson. Just kidding, but not really.

The Lions were game enough to cover the 7.5-point line but in the end Rogers to Adams was too much to handle, as it has been for most of the league. Adams definitely having a season to remember. Clearly, he’s making his statement as the game’s best WR.

He Eagles made the change to rookie QB Jalen Hurts, and what do you know they won a game. In fact, they snapped the Saints 9 winning streak. Hurts and Miles Sanders both went over 100 yards rushing. That’s the first time the Saints defense has let 100 yards rushing in 55 games.

What do you know the Chargers won in the final moments of a game! Surprisingly they made a FG with no time left on the clock. If I was a Chargers fan, I would swear that kick would be blocked and then a scoop and score the other way. That’s the luck of the Bolts this season.

The WFT went to AZ to play the SF, and got the W because the D scored 2 TDs and the O kicked 3 FGs.

For my money the Bills are the most dangerous team in the AFC and the biggest threat to the Chiefs repeat hopes. They have dominated the 49ers and Steelers in back-to-back weeks, on both sides of the ball. Josh Allen is emerging as the best all-around QB of the 2018 draft class.

Monday night was probably the best game of the year so far. The Browns and Ravens exchanged blows all night long. The two teams combined for 9 rushing TDs tying a NFL record that went to 1922. Both QBs were stupendous, but in the end it was Lamar Jackson who stole the show, coming out of the locker room, ala Willis Reed, to convert a 4th and 5 for a TD and then getting the Ravens in position for a 55-yard game winning chip shot from Justin Tucker.

That was Week 14 in a nutshell. See you next week for the Week before Christmas NFL style.

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