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Week 11 Summary

We’re a week a closer to Thanksgiving, and the real start of the football season. If you think about it there was no preseason this year, so you could call the first four weeks of regular season action an extended training camp. Which means up to this point each team has played 6-7 meaningful games. That being said this is the point of the season when the cream rises to the top. Let’s take a glance at last week’s action to see who exactly is on the rise.

Thursday saw two electric QBs square off in the upper Northwest. And I’ve said it before I can watch these two teams play each other every week. It’s just must watch football. Russell was Russell, Kyler was a little banged up, surprisingly it was the Seattle defense that showed up big in this game and ultimately made the difference. Both of these teams in my opinion are on the rise to the top of the mug.

A team that is falling to the bottom of the glass like an ice cube in my Bulliet are the Eagles, namely Carson Wentz. He was a miserable as the weather was in Cleveland on Sunday. I’m still not completely sold on the Browns, but I don’t have to have to be, they’re currently sitting in 2nd place in the AFC North. If the season ended today, they would be going to the playoffs.

Taysom Hill on the Falcons are in definitely the froth on top of my cappuccino. They are the class of the NFC. Sean Payton went with Hill at QB over Winston and it paid big dividends. Don’t sleep on that Saints defense, they haven’t let up 100 yards rushing in a game in years. Saints they most well-balanced team in all of football. I don’t see the need to discuss the Falcons.

Just Alex Smith the comeback player of the year award today. Beating the Bengals. last week, he and the WFT will be playing the Boys on Thanksgiving with first place in the NFC East on the line. No that’s not a typo, it’s a fact. That’s how bad that division really is that two 3-7 teams are the ones rising to the top. I couldn’t be happier for Smith and I couldn’t feel worse for Joe Burrow. He sems like such a good kid and was playing so well. He’ll be back with a new knee next year. The Bengals are still in good hands.

The Panthers pitched a shut against the Lions, or cubs on Sunday. Neither team is any good and they just kind of float in the middle of the glass, kind of like the lime in a Corona

Right now, the Steel Curtain is the ground cinnamon on top of the froth. At 10-0 they are definitely the cream of the crop of the entire league to this point. In total control of their division, however just one game up on the Chiefs in the AFC. The Jaguars on the other hand are the sediment at the bottom of an empty coffee cup.

One week the Titans are the lemons floating atop a Tito’s and 7 the next they’re the jolly rancher at the bottom of a bottle of Zima. This week was a case of the lemons. They stormed back on Baltimore and ran themselves to an overtime win. All hail King Henry! The Ravens are sinking faster than the Titanic. I’ve said that they’re a fraudulent team all year long and now come the stretch run every one can see with plain sight what I’ve been talking about. They’re defense can’t hold a lead, they can’t from behind, and Jackson can’t throw them back into a game. Where’s all the dancing, boasting, and bragging we had to endure last year. Not whisper from the Inner Harbor this year. Funny how times change once the league has film on you. It’s funny that Ravens Offensive Coordinator, Greg Roman, had the same kind of success in SF with Kaepernick. Very short-lived success. Seems like people forget that Kaep only had 1 good year, and that he was benched, then run out of town because he wasn’t any good anymore. Same with Greg Roman, his offense just doesn't after the league gets tape of it.

The Patriots were rising up to mediocrity in the AFC East but they have taken on weight after losing to the Texans this week, and are sinking to the bottom of the Charles River like a corpse with cement shoes.

The Dolphins were all sorts of rising top and jumping out the water on their way into Mile High this Sunday. They got caught up in the rapids of the Colorado and sunk like a frozen Coors Light.

Even though neither team is going anywhere, it was nice to see a competitive game between the Chargers and Jets. And the Chargers were actually able to hold on for a win at last.

Packers and Colts was probably the most entertaining game of Sunday’s slate. Both teams are both feeding at the top of the food chain. Even after the worst clock management and most consecutive holding penalties I’ve ever seen, the Colts defense ruled the day hold Rodgers out of the end zone in the 2nd half and turning the Pack over 4 times. Colts rising, Packers treading water.

The Red Rifle returned and shot down the Vikings in Minnesota. Dalton has his band of boys riding into a Thanksgiving showdown with the Skins (it just sounds better than WFT) with first place being the prize for the victor. The Vikings ship is once again taking on water and sinking in oblivion.

Silly me for saying that Russell Wilson was the best QB in the league and should’ve been handed the MVP already. In my defense he was the best and should’ve been for the beginning of the season. But Patrick Mahomes is clearly the MVP of the league as it stands today. The Chiefs finished last season and have continued to be the head of Guiness pint this season, avenging their only loss in Vegas Sunday night. The Raiders were game and were winning until more Mahomes magic.

Monday saw the battle of anomalies, Rams and Bucs. I can’t figure these two teams out. They are two of the most equally balance teams on offense and defense, but they never seem to play that way for a complete game. And the Bucs have bee dreadful in stand-alone prime time games this year. And Monday was no different. Brady was more than dreadful and so was Blount, he dropped everything. The Rams defense picked Tampa Tom twice on just awful reads and throws. The Jolly Roger seem to have a hole in its hull and Captain Brady is going down with the ship as a good Captain must.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your bird!

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