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Week 10 of the NFL

We’re getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving, that’s the point where most experts, including Bill Parcells and Steve Young, say that who know which teams actually have a chance at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s see if Week 10 gave us some early clarity, shall we.

We start on Thursday night in Nashville, where the Colts defense showed the Titans and the rest of the NFL that they are Championship caliber. The titans showed us that a first half lead doesn’t mean anything if you don’t come out of the locker room for the 2nd half.

In Cleveland we found out that Nick Chubb is the catalyst of the Browns offense, whether he helps them cover the spread or not. We were also reassured that the Texans are awful this year and are going nowhere.

The Lions and the Football Teamers played each in Detroit on Sunday, where the Lions proved that they are capable of building a double-digit lead and subsequently blowing it. But in the end the Lions showed us that they can win a home game by nailing a 59-yard FG as the clock expired. Alex Smith proved that he has to be the comeback player of the year.

By losing their 8th straight game on Sunday, the Jaguars proved that their week 1 win was just a fluke. The Packers prove that they are very capable of playing down to their competition.

Daniel Jones and the Giants proved that they can beat another team in their division besides the WFT. The Eagles proved they don’t really want to win the East. Carson Wentz proves week after week that he’s overrated. What’s a fact is that the winner of the NFC East will host a playoff game this year, most likely with a losing record.

The Bucs and Tom Brady showed that what happened last Sunday was the exception and not the rule by doubling up the Panthers in Carolina. The Panthers seem like they're not capable of keeping up with the upper echelon teams in the NFL on a consistent basis.

The Raiders keep proving week after week that they belong in the playoff conversation. All they’ve done is win baby for the last 3 weeks. They’ve already beaten the Chiefs once in Arrowhead and this week the Chiefs will enter the Death Star for a Sunday Night AFC West Division Showdown. The Broncos have a lot of work still yet to be done. We’ll check up on them in September of 2021.

It’s Tua time in South Beach. The Dolphins are 3-0 since Tua took over behind center, 6-3 overall. They are right behind the Bills and need to be taken seriously when it comes to the playoff conversation. While Justin Herbert has proven he’s the real deal; the Chargers as a whole have not.

A Hail Mary by Cardinal has a great chance of being answered, just ask Kyler Murray. Of course, it helps if DeAndre Hopkins is on the receiving end of that prayer. What an ending to s great game. The Cardinals are right in the thick of the NFC West. The Bills may be deflated after that miracle, but they still have a hold of first place in the AFC East.

The Rams are one of the most complete teams in the NFL, and they proved it again against the Seahawks. They can run the ball and play great defense. They too are in the mix of the crowded NFC West. The Seahawks are not so complete. Their defense is downright awful, and it looks as though that may be playing a part on Russell Wilson’s poor play the last two games. His back has to hurt from carrying that team to this point.

The Saints did their part and took care of a banged-up 49ers team. However, they got a little banged up themselves. Brees has serious injuries and is questionable for the rest of the regular season. Can Jameis Winston keep the ship steady until Drew’s return? I wouldn’t put my money on it. The 49er infirmary has no hope in salvaging this season.

The Steeler waxed the Bengals to go 9-0 for the first time ever in franchise history. While the future is bright for Joe Burrow and the Bengals, right now they are just the younger sibling to the Curtain.

Don’t ever count Bill Belichick out of anything. If this was a few years ago and I saw the Patriots as a touchdown underdog at home, I would’ve had a free mortgage payment. He proved just how great of a coach he is on Sunday night. As for the Ravens, each week they show me that they are clearly a level below of the real class of the AFC.

On Monday Night the Vikings and Bears proved that unless you are a fan of one of them or work in sports there’s no reason to watch a game involving either team.

See you next week.

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