• Allison Verrino

The Patriots Phoenix

Just when we were read to bury the Patriots for the upcoming NFL season, Bill Belichick goes and signs veteran QB and former League MVP Cam Newton to a one year very incentive laden contract. And why wouldn’t he, if Cam returns to his once MVP self the Patriots got a bargain of a price on a one year rental. If Cam is still the same Cam as we’ve seen in recent years, then it will only cost the Patriots about $1M. Once again Bill Belichick is winning either way. Now I’m not going to begin to speculate what the new Patriots offense will look like with Cam behind because I certainly haven’t any clue with Josh McDaniel and Bill Belichick have in store for the rest of the league, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be creative and will drive other defensive coordinators crazy. New England just went from a team that was more than likely going to miss the playoffs this season to the prohibitive favorite to win it’s division once again. How do you think Bills and Jets fans are feeling today?

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