• Allison Verrino

The NFL Week 9: MarketWatch

The NFL is comparable to the stock market in that one week your portfolio can be sky, the next not so much, and vice versa. I’ll explain.

Let’s take the Sunday night game. The Bucs and TB 12 looked like the cream of the crop in the NFC. The Saints steam rolled them in Tampa, exposing their much-heralded defense and made Brady look like a 43-year-old QB, picking him off 3 times. The Saints are now the boss of the NFC South sweeping the season series.

The Packers looked like a high school team against the Vikings last week. On Thursday they blew the 49ers doors off. Aaron Rodgers reminded everyone not to leave him out of the MVP discussion.

The Broncos looked like a team on the rise, with their comeback against the Chargers. Even though the Falcons tried their best to give up another 4th quarter lead, the Broncos fell short.

Russell Wilson looked like the sure-fire MVP last week. This week in sunny Buffalo he looked human. On the flip side the Bills and Josh All looked like they were on a downward spiral, this week he outplays Russell and the Bills are poised to win the AFC East.

The Titans bounced back from last weeks bed wetting effort to beat the Bears. The Bears are who we all know they are, not a good offensive team. Matt Nagy’s seat getting hotter by the week.

The Ravens defense looked like Swiss cheese for weeks, and Lamar Jackson looked like a flash in the pan for much of this season. In the 2nd half on Sunday against the Colts the resembled last year’s Ravens. The Colts on the other hand looked stellar last week, this week they looked like a team that fold up like a cheap suit against a tougher opponent.

The Chiefs looked incredible last week, wait a minute that’s right they played the Jets. This week their defense looked lost without their anchor Chris Jones. However, Patrick Mahomes looked awesome like he has for the past few weeks. The Panthers stock was up this week, giving the champs all, they could handle.

The Lions are still down this week, just not as bad as last week. The Vikings kept the gains they achieved last week. Dalvin Cook’s stock can’t get any higher. Can it?

The Raiders are up, telling Goodell and the league you can fine us and take away a draft pick, we’re still just going to win baby! The Chargers remained flat losing again in the final moments.

The Giants stock got a bit of a boost, doing what they always do, beat Washington. I know Daniel Jones can beat the WFT, can he please show Giant fans he can beat one of the other 29 teams in the league? Alex Smith’s stock jumped through the roof, even in a loss. I’m so happy for him after all he’s been through.

Neither the Texans nor the Jaguars are worth having in any portfolio, but gun to my head I’ll but the Texans. I may dabble in the Jake Luton futures, the kid looked good.

Tua and Kyler are must buys. I don’t normally like high scoring games like that but I could watch those two play each other every week. What an entertaining football game!

After watching that Steeler offense in the first half, they’re down in my book. I don’t think they would be able the keep up with the Chiefs. They might get run off the field. The Boys gained some momentum on Sunday. Garrett Gilbert may have started a backup QB controversary in Big D.

The Patriots stock almost plummeted on Monday Night, as they were losing all game to the 0-8 Jets. A late FG saved the crash. Jets futures, which are still a good buy, have become a little suspect, due to the fact that Trevor “Sunshine” Lawrence keeps saying he’s weighing all options. My recommendation is to keep scooping up Jets furfures because in my opinion there’s no way Sunshine stays in school.

See you all next week.

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