• Allison Verrino

Remember When…

This is for all the professional athletes in MLB, NBA, and NFL. If it’s safe enough for a grocery store worker to go to work and stock shelves and work the register at a checkout line then it’s safe enough for you to take the field and play kids’ games in an empty stadium. Because just like its essential for that person who is probably making minimum wage and not even getting hazard pay, to be there so you can send your chef or whomever to go get food to feed your family, it is essential to fans that you be there for them to help us escape the madness that the various media outlets throw in our faces day in and day out. Do you guys remember when you played just to play? When it wasn’t about money, personal stats, social media followers, endorsements, and everything else that’s involved nowadays? When you played just because you loved them game and there were fans watching and cheering you on. The fans need you guys right now; we need you probably more than we ever have before. This not the time to make it about money, CBA’s, or whatever else you and the owners want to have a pissing contest about. Your fans have always been there for you. It’s time for you to pay them back and be there for them. Just play for us!

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