• Allison Verrino

PGA Packing a Punch

The PGA return from the Covid 19 layoff has not disappointed its fans. Since the tour resumed play on June 11, the winning scores of each event have been 15 under, 22 under and 19 under. Drilling down a bit further, there have been a total of 130 rounds of 65 or better in the three tournaments combined, or an average of more than 40 such scores every week. The fields each of the last three weeks on tour have been packed with the tour’s best, minus Tiger Woods. At Colonial, not only did each of the top five players in the world tee it up but there were 101 players in all who’d won on tour. A week later, 17 of the top 20 in the world pegged it in Hilton Head. A similar pattern followed in Connecticut. So why are the scores so low? Some argue its due to the fact that there are no fans. A lack of fans also means few chances for distraction. Others say it’s the delayed schedule and which has help the course conditions, the grass is much healthier to handle the summer heat. Others say it could be due to the pin placements. Saying that the pins are not being placed in the most difficult of spots because the players may not be as sharp due to the long layoff. Whatever the reason right now the best in the world are lighting up the scoreboards in red.

They are also lighting up the sportsbooks. With the rest of the sports yet to return, sportsbook are seeing a huge spike in PGA Tour betting. Among the appeal of golf to bettors is there’s a lot of time beforehand to assess an upcoming tournament, the events keep recurring weekly for most of the year, and there’s all kind of opportunities over four days to place new wagers. Golf is a futures bet that takes place every week. Sportsbooks are also putting up new and exciting ways to bet on golf. For instance, the head-to-head match ups between players on every day of that week’s tournament. All of the sports have seen a huge in their numbers over the past 3 weeks due to the return of the PGA Tour.

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