• Allison Verrino

NFL Wrap Up Week 4

The Jets and Sam should look at the Bills and Josh to see what progress looks like. I believe the Bills will be in the AFC Championship Game. Gruden is almost fed up with Carr.

The Cowboys can’t stop a runny nose. They can’t beat a team with winning record even when that team is the Browns.

The Browns are the best rushing team in the NFL.

Everyone loves the back up quarterback until he’s the starter, just ask Bears’ fans.

Defense travels, see the Colts and Bills.

I no longer hear all the voices that were telling me that Drew and Tom were done.

Five TDs for TB12, actually 6 if you count the one he threw to the other team. It’s week 4 and that Bucs offense is starting to gel like I said they would. Sean Payton and the Saints must have read my blog, if you spot the Lions 14 points, they’re guaranteed to lose the game.

I hope Dave Gettleman takes Daniel Jones and his full bloom love with him wherever he winds up next. It’s time for the Giants to start tanking for Trevor.

It’s started, Whoever had Bill O’Brien in Week 4, you are the pool winner. About time.

The NFC East has 3 wins in 4 weeks. And the team that has a tie is in 1st place.

The Niners are severely hung over, ie this week’s Sunday Night Football game.

What more is there to say about Russell Wilson? The Fitzmagic show is almost finished.

Paging Mr. Tagovailoa, there’s a spot waiting for you behind the center.

The Ravens make a living beating inferior opponents. Wait until they play another real team like the Chiefs. Their defense is so suspect, even Dwayne Haskins threw for over 300 yards on Sunday.

I may have rushed the Cardinals arrival, my bad.

Looks like Matt Rhule can coach at the pro level. Bill Belichick is great, Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham, not so much. The Patriots defense is so good, even with most of their starters opting out, if they had Cam last night they win that game. Welcome to the MVP conversation Aaron Rodgers. Even with no receivers he still threw for over 300 yards and 4 TDs. And congratulations to the Falcons, you didn’t blow a 4th quarter lead this week

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