• Allison Verrino

NCAA Football

The college football season is still months away from kicking off, but the fear that the season could legitimately be in jeopardy is sinking in to coaches and players alike.

Coaches are currently working through this unique situation that sees football coaches trying to do as much work as possible without the ability to have any close contact with each other and players. Incoming freshman are being asked to start the off-field pre-season workouts regiments without any supervision from the conditioning coaches and training staff.

Nearly all universities and major conferences have canceled all spring sports and spring football practices as well. Without spring and summer practices how safe will it be for the student athletes to take the field without their normal preseason conditioning?

Continued updates from the nation’s top health officials and those beyond the borders beginning to suspect social distancing measures may be recommended for extended periods of time, the scenarios continue to inch close to the start of the college football season. Last year the regular season began on August 24th and ended on December 14th. This year, your guess is as good as mine.

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