• Allison Verrino

Lucky Week 7

Week 7 of the NFL awesome incredible finishes to games around the league. It also showed us how futile some teams actually are This is time of year when we find who exactly are the contenders and who are the pretenders.

Thursday night the Giants showed us how to lose a double-digit lead in under 7 minutes. Daniel Jones tripping over the 25-yard line pretty much sums up the 2020 NY Giants season. Ah yes, the Falcons were back at it again in week 7. They blew another late 4th quarter lead. They were trying not to score and even screwed that up. Even though he was wearing a mask I think we all knew the facial expression that Falcons Owner Arthur Blank was making on the sideline. If we are going to get a game like we had this Sunday from Baker and the Browns and Burrow and the Bengals moving forward, you can count me in. A very exciting back and forth contest with Baker throwing a laser to win it in the final seconds and then Burrow’s prayer almost answered as time expired, great game. Gostkowski missed the tying FG to complete the Titans comeback against the Curtain. If these 2 teams played each other every week, it would be must-see TV. No Saint Emmanuel, nor Saint Thomas, no worries. New Orleans has Saint Alvin, to lead them to the Promised Land this week and spoil Teddy’s return. I really don’t know which offense was worse in the Meadowlands this week, the Bills, who only kicked 6 FGs and won, or the J-E-T-S, who only gained 4 yards on 16 plays in the entire 2nd half. Wide receivers Tyler Locket and Davante Adams had more yards receiving in their games than the entire Jets offense had in 4 quarters.

And that my friends is the genius of Adam Gase’s offense.

The Red Rifle seems to be backfiring in Big D, actually, he’s back on the shelf after a brutal late hit. No big loss for the boys since they stopped trying 2 weeks ago. Kudos the Riverboat Ron for completing his chemo. You really didn’t think the Texans were going to win 2 in a row and the Packers were going to lose 2 in a row, did you?

I don’t Tampa Tom is done quite yet. A rushing TD and 4 passing TDs, including the 55-yard dime he dropped in to Scotty Miller. Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop the chiefs from dominating the Broncos. Don’t look now, but the Super Chargers are getting healthy and Justin Herbert is looking like a stud. He is lighting it up through the air for the Lightning Bolts, and he’s not dinking and dunking, he’s pushing the ball down the field with touch and accuracy.

By now you the motto hear at The Refractory Hour, and that’s, “Never lay points in the Desert!” You just don’t do it, ask Russell Wilson what happens. He looked human in Arizona this week throwing 3 INTs. The Cards are definitely going to have a say in the NFC West. Does anyone know who the 3rd string QB is in Chicago? Yeah me neither, but I think we’ll find out soon enough if Foles keeps playing like he did Monday night. The Rams exposed the Bears for the frauds that they are. Foles looked like Trubisky, and their only TD was scored by the defense. The biggest 5-1 team is now 5-2. And last but not least, the absolute annihilation of the Patriots at home this weekend, by Jimmy G and the 49ers. Someone please go ahead, tell me that the MVP Cam is back.

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