• Allison Verrino

Final Regular Season Recap

The 2020 NFL Regular Season is in the book, here’s how the final chapter played out

Week 17

Up in Buffalo the Bills put the rest of the AFC East on notice that they are the new boss in town and all the other teams better fall in line, by blowing out the Dolphins, who were supposed to be on the come up as weel. The Bills eliminated the Dolphins from playoff contention and exposed the weak left arm of Tua.

The Ravens ran in and out and around of Cincinnati in their 5th straight win which catapulted them all the way up to the 5th seed of the AFC.

Congratulations Cleveland. You have made the playoffs for the first time since 2002 by beating the Steelers. Coach Kevion Stafanski is a no brainer for coach of the year in my book. Now go and beat the Steelers 2 weeks in a row to advance.

Vikings beat the Lions in a game which no one, not even their fans cared about. And the Patriots beat the Jets in the same type of game.

My NY Football Giants beat the Boys for the first time since 2016, shit it must be 2020 if that happened. The Giants eliminated the Cowboys from playoff contention, only to have their dreams od the playoffs denied when the WFT beat the Eagles Sunday Night. There was controversy around the Eagles sitting Hurts down for Sudfeld for the 4th quarter. Do I think they tanked for draft position, of course, but I’m not blaming them for the giants being 6-10.

The Bucs destroyed the Falcon, again securing their 5th spot in the NFC playoffs.

Tha Packers man handled the bears in Chi town. Aaron Rodgers pretty much cemented himself as the 2020 league MVP. Somehow the Bears still go to the playoffs.

The Colts held on against the Jaguars to make the playoffs. Jaguars are making plans to over haul the organization with a new GM and Headcoach for Trevor Lawrence.

The Cardinals faded out the 2nd half of this year. After staring 5-2 they ended up at 8-8 and out of the playoffs entirely. Kyler Murray only played one series before he was injured and had to leave the game. Back up QB John Wofford led the Rams to victory and the playoffs and to a QB controversy this week. He actually looked better than Goff, which let’s face isn’t that hard to do.

Seahawks had to come back and then hold against the 49ers.

And the Saints for the 2nd straight week ran the ball down their opponent's throat. This week it was the Panthers who couldn’t stop the run despite all the Saints RBs were out due to Covid.

And if you want to talk about a rushing performance look no further than what Derrick Henry did on Sunday for Titans against the Texans, The King rushed for 250 and 2 TDS and put his team on his back and carried them to a division title. He went over 2000 yards for the year, Only the 8th RB to ever do so. All Hail the King.

See after Super Wild Card Weekend!

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