• Allison Verrino

Bronx Peace

Hopefully this past weekend put balance back into Yankees Universe. After 3 weeks of a season spiraling out of control, a little bit of home cooking was all that was needed to end the Panic in the Bronx. The Yanks came home and swept a 4 game series against the Orioles. The double dip on Friday reminded the fans of how this all was supposed to work before it started malfunctioning. You give the ball to your ace, step back, and watch him work. Friday was by far his best outing in Pinstripes. And your table setters, DJ and Voit did what they’ve been the only one’s doing all year, hitting. There was more of the same in the 2nd game with Tanaka. Let him do his job on the mound and do what you’re paid to do, get hits and timely ones at that.

Their formula is not flawed, nor is it rocket science. Your starter takes the mound and gives you 6-7 strong innings. You go to your pen for 6-9 outs. It’s simple, it’s every team’s strategy, the only problem the guy in the dugout keeps screwing it up. Boone again had a quick leash with Montgomery due to an error by Gardner. Can you just let the guy do his job and take your analytics and shove them up your ass please. Do all of us fans a favor, sit back and let the players play, and try not to screw anything up the rest of the way. That’s all we’re asking from you right now. That’s all you’re actually good for at this point. We can only pray you disappear in the offseason.

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