• Allison Verrino

Are the Patriots Done?

Many people, including myself, have already written off Bill Belichick and the Patriots this year.

Why wouldn’t you?

They’ve lost Tom Brady, arguably the best QB ever, and number of other key players such as, LB Kyle Van Noy, LB Jamie Collins, DT Danny Shelton, OL Ted Karras, LB Elandon Roberts, S Nate Ebner, and S Duron Harmon.

But as we come to know Bill always has a plan. How else can you explain the Patriots winning 17 of the last 20 AFC East titles? And Belichick always let’s players walk out a year early rather than a year late. As it stands right now the Patriots have two QBs on their roster, Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. They seem to be really high on Stidham; it looks like it’s his job to lose.

He sat Brady for a year, was in film sessions with him and this is the 2nd off season in the organization. Belichick had the same sentiments about Jimmy G, and I think we can say that’s worked out for the 49ers so far. Then there’s this year’s draft. The Patriots will officially have 12 draft picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. They have one 1st round pick, three 3rd round picks, one 4th round pick, four 6th round picks, and three 7th round picks. I’m sure Belichick will be able to fill some, if not all of the holes left by the free agency with that stock pile. So am I ready to kick dirt on them and bury the Patriots this, on second thought, no I’m not. Not until another team in that division knocks them off.

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