• Allison Verrino

An Examination of Week 5

Week 5 saw a bunch of scheduling changes thanks to Covid. But most of the original schedule was played so let’s examine them, shall we.

Nick Foles and the Bears got a win on Thursday, thanks to the fact that Tom Brady not knowing what down it was. One word Tom, Prevagen. Teddy Bridgewater can play and Matt Rhule can coach and will be coaching the Panthers for the rest of the year. Dan Quinn not so much. He was fired after the Falcons week 5 loss to the Panthers. So technically week 6 began and then he was fired. I think I said Quinn in week 6 a couple of blogs ago, I win the pool. The Raiders shocked the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Carr had the game of his career, so no matter much Gruden loves Mariotta, we won’t be seeing him anytime soon. By the way I think we all forgot just how good of a coach Gruden is, he clearly out coached Andy Reid. What’s the best cure for a west coast team who had only one win coming east in 14 games? Play the Jets. How long until Gase gets fired. Big Ben found a new toy to play with on Sunday, look out AFC here comes the Curtain. It was great to see Alex Smith play QB again, but the Rams are for real and own the East Coast this year. The Ravens continued their trend of demolishing lesser opponents. Joe Burrow earned another rookie lesson this week, don’t celebrate your first win all damn week unless you’re on a bye. No Bill O’Brien and the Texans got their first win of the year. Hmm, I wonder if that’s a coincidence? Forgive for my blasphemy, it will never happen again. I should’ve known the bearded, ageless wonder called Fitzmagic still had some tracks left in that helmet. You can sit down again Tua, Ryan’s good. I have no words for what the 49ers have become. I’m very hesitant to say this, but the Browns are really for real this year. The Colts should send Rivers to the ophthalmologist. I hope I never see the replay of Dak’s ankle injury again. That was gruesome. Get well soon Dak. Cowboys’ fans the rest of your season rests on the right arm of the Red Rifle. It could be worse. I’m done with Danny Debacle. Please Giants go 0-16. The Viking were game on Sunday night but they have Kirk Cousins as their QB and Mike Zimmer as their coach. Whay do you go on 4th down and give the ball to Russell Wilson with a chance to win the game? Two words, take 3! And what more is needed to say about Wilson. Pouring rain, 94 yard in a 1:42. I think we all saw that coming. He’s the best in the game right now. I hope all the naysayers were watching MNF this week. Drew Brees is not finished and he can still push the ball down field with accuracy. Don’t believe me just take a look at his 2nd half numbers. Justin Herber, that guy can play. If the Chargers can get healthy sooner rather than later, they have the defense that can carry into the playoffs. The Bills must have been scared of contracting Covid from the Titans, because they certainly weren’t trying tackle them. Tannehill and Henry had their way in the Motor City. Great job by Mike Vrabel having his guys ready to play in spite of all they’ve been through I the past week or two.

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